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Welcome to a store that has products, videos, and books to help you find your life’s Purpose that can only be purchased or donated with Purpose Coins.

Here are some links to writings by some of our members of Purpose Coin.

This is a great read on Spirituality by Dan Hostetler of Above and Beyond:

Please donate as many Purpose Coins that you feel is right to the charity Waves wallet to Above and Beyond (Dan Hostetler is the Executive Director) to this address:

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Compassionate Capitalism: The Intersection of Economic Growth and Social Justice

Can free-market capitalism and social justice co-exist in harmony? Compassionate Capitalism examines this question by researching concepts of social justice, economic history and religious/legal restrictions on businesses. The most common systems such as capitalism, socialism, free-market, and command economies are compared and evaluated.

The author proposes a new traditional economy that focuses on integrity, innovation propelled economic growth, encouragement from efficient governments, and priority assistance to the poor. He also cites numerous examples where businesses are making significant contributions to communities mired in poverty and suggests strategies for companies that wish to join in the effort.

Please donate 20 Purpose Coins to his Waves wallet for this great book.

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You can buy a hard copy at: