Non profits will have a platform to increase awareness and a larger donor base within the Purpose Community. The Purpose Coin Non Profit will give out 10,000 Purpose Coins weekly for over two years. We have already donated over 1.1 million Purpose Coins to charities!



The more donors giving weekly, the greater the network effect(example 1,000 donors $5,000/week, 100,000 donors is $500,000/week). There really is power in numbers!



The Helpconomy is when skilled workers help non profits for no cost and the Purpose Coin Community donate to the workers creating a sustainable long term economic path for helping others.



The Purpose Coin is a way to use the blockchain technology to bring efficiency and transparency to the non profit community.

A new way of thinking about how we help others.

The time has come for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to do something tangible to help others in the real world.

Purpose Coin will be a way for the bitcoin and crypto community to give back a little bit of their large profits and show the world that blockchain can be something powerful to be used for good.

Purpose Coin has given away 1,150,000 Purpose Coins to many different non profits(most are 501c’s). This is valued at over $160,000 USD!

Purpose Coin(PC) will DONATE 10,000 PC a week(capped at 10,000 USD) for the next two years(subject to verification of 501c status and availability), which is over 1 million coins donated!

Attributes of Purpose Coin:

  • Used for donating to charities and the creation of the new sustainable Helpconomy.

  • Reduces Fees for micro fundraising(less than one cent instead of 5-10%).

  • Token on the Waves Platform, which is easy to use, fast and very low fees.

  • Full transparency, 100% of the donations go to the non profit, and that can be seen in their wallet on the blockchain.

  • The power of the network effect is important. If 100 holders of purpose coin donate $5, that is $500, but if 100,000 donate then $500,000 is raised, which is a force to help others.

  • The Decentralized Charitable Organization (DCO) is very important also. As a holder of the Purpose Coin you will be able to work with other creative people who are doing unique ideas to take fundraising to a much higher level. It is also a way to use blockchain to help all holders to participate in helping others.

  • Stable utility Token, not for wild speculation.

  • No Ico (ICO’s cause wild swings in price).

Purpose Coin has a 501c(3) legal status and has to file reports to the Internal Revenue Service. 

EIN: 82-4958132

Click link to go to IRS website. Link to IRS website.



We pride ourselves in bringing top talent from the business world and have the most unique and innovative non profits. Here are just some of the non profit organizations who are changing the world for the better. The Purpose Coin Team is comprised of many successful business people and their non profits that they run. We try and make sure that our team is about making things happen in the real world, meaning helping others. We have non profits that make a difference, that are doing something impactful.

A short word about Purpose Coin by Dan Hostetler,

who is an accomplished businessman, CEO and humanist.




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Connect with others.

To the right are images of different teams of the Purpose Coin Community helping others. Examples are:

  • Help Me bags for the homeless(Sacramento and San Francisco,CA),
  • Help Me boxes for Santa Rosa California fires,
  • Above and Beyond graduation(Chicago,IL), Scholarship golf outing(Long Grove, IL), 
  • giving out Purpose Coin Help Me bags, lower Wacker Drive(Chicago, IL).

 Purpose Coin is unique because it is doing good things in the real world and, using technology to make the world a better place!

Welcome to Purpose Coin!

We at Purpose Coin believe that a new economic model called Helpconomy is possible. Join us on our mission to help millions of people and create a sustainable economic future!


We at Purpose Coin believe that a new economic model called Helpconomy is possible. Join us on our mission to help millions of people and create a sustainable economic future!

Contact us via email at admin@purpose-coin.io

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