Community Internet Event

for Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center

Purpose Coin is hosting a great new fundraiser for Above and Beyond! They help many homeless on a daily basis and give them a new Purpose in Life.

Please visit their site for more information!

Purpose Coin is trying to use social media to change how people donate. We know that billions of “likes” and follows happen daily on all the platforms. We are asking you to take it a step further and Donate Purpose Coins, we recommend 10 coins($1.30)! We have the technology that allows 2 clicks and no credit card info is ever given out. Easy to use and the “fee” for this is 1/3 of a cent. This is the amazing part of Purpose Coin’s vision to change how we can help others in the most efficient way. So use the power of people and network effect to help this cause with Above and Beyond!   

All donations go directly to the non profit(501c). 

Above and Beyond is a registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 public charity. EIN upon request.

Above And Beyond
Family Recovery Center
Offering sustainable change to
those struggling with substance
abuse through innovative,
evidence-based modalities that
heal the body, mind and soul.

Our Vision
The vision of Above and Beyond is to
CENTERS that are not beholden to
State or Federal support, so we can
provide top quality, evidence-based,
individualized treatment experiences
available to anyone in need,
regardless of their economic status.

What We Do
• Above and Beyond helps less fortunate
individuals receive the best possible
treatment to address their drug and
alcohol dependence, while also
providing life skills to help them
remain free of addiction.
• We offer programs and services that
add sustainability to our mission of
restoring our patients as determinants
of their own destinies.
• Our services are free to those who want
to transform their substance abuse into
a clean and sober future.

Thank you so much for your contribution to Above and Beyond!

You can Donate 10 Purpose Coins to Above and Beyond’s charity wallet by clicking the button below.