Purpose Coin   

First you need a Waves wallet. Go to the Waves platform and get your free Waves Wallet.


1 Visit the Waves website( http://waves.exchange.com)

2 Click signup to start the account creation process 

3 Create a new account by entering your email address(preferred)

4 Create a secure password and confirm it again

5 Agree that you’ve read the privacy policy along with the terms and conditions by checking the box

6 You will receive a 6 digit confirmation code via the email you provided

7 Input the 6 digit code

8 You have successfully created a Waves wallet

Click Create a new account then click continue and create an account name and hit continue. That’s it you have your secure wallet! Click on the top right to copy your wallet address(far right 2 pieces of paper) and save that information. This is your wallet address, super important to send and receive Purpose Coin.

YOU MUST ALSO SAVE YOUR WALLET SEED(15 random words)!! Save it on a note pad, email it to yourself, so you can access you wallet on other computers or if you computer/hard drive breaks/dies/gets stolen.

On the bottom left it will say Save your seed phrase. Click it, then click Copy to clipboard. Then click I understand.


Send Bitcoin  to your Waves Wallet from Cash app(IOS or Android).


You should be in the wallet(wallet icon at the top left under the avatar). Click deposit under Bitcoin or Ethereum and copy the address. Now paste that address to the send from your Bitcoin or ETH account (at Coinbase or others.) Make sure you double check the address before you send BTC or ETH to your Waves wallet.

Once your Bitcoin or Ethereum is in your Waves Wallet click on the candlestick icon under the wallet.


It will open your Waves wallet in a new tab, put your password in, and you should buy .01 Waves right in your wallet.

Buy Purpose Coin on Waves Exchange

It will open your Waves wallet in a new tab, put your password in, and you can buy Purpose Coin right in your wallet.


1. Deposit BTC  from Coinbase or Cash App (or other wallet, from prior video).
2. In the Waves wallet click the candlesticks on the far left side.
3. Click on Waves in the very top left(left of Add coin box).
4. Type BTC and then click ONLY on the blue ETH Ethereum that comes up.
5. Type Purpose Coin in add coin box.
6. Choose Purpose Coin.
7. At the top middle are Red and Green buttons, click the green Buy button.
8. To buy the max amount of Purpose Coin click the amount of ETH in your wallet.
9. It will give you max amount of coins, so click Place Buy Order. All done!
10. The Purpose Coin will be under Portfolio on the wallet page.

Creating a Waves wallet video