What’s Next?

Q1 2021

Launch of Gaming with Purpose which is a eSports tournament site where you can win prizes and give to charity while doing what you love!


Purpose Coin did numerous events that helped the homeless, and gave back to the community.

Q4 2018 and 2019 

Have our community to continue bringing new non profits for the 10k weekly Purpose Coin donation.

Continue to increase our donor base (now over 500 wallets!) to 100,000 weekly donors using our growing social media contacts.

Grow the Decentralized Charitable Organization to continue doing amazing work with creative fundraising and great work of helping others such as past ideas: Help Me Bags for the homeless(over 1,000 people helped), Christmas gift boxes(hundreds of kids and homeless getting gifts),  Water wells in India(helped 3 remote villages get water wells installed), Help me boxes for wild fire victims, help Ventura,Ca fire victims get new beds, supporting Above and Beyond who has helped get over 3,000 homeless, addicted people clean and off the street in Chicago!

Roll out Helpconomy to 10,000 participants and eventually have 1+ million donors over the next 12-24 months.

Sponsor 100 teams of Helpconomy workers that will go to 1000’s of non profits to help and receive Purpose Coins.

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